Graphic design

Designing 'My song celebration story' for the History Museum. Graphic design: Henry Mang and MNG Company

You may surprised how many subjects come together to the same table. Would your needs be to find that right typeface and image to your advertisement or is there a need for corporate re-branding? Would you need to cover your shop with decals or want to design your new music album - i will be at your service.

Whatever questions may arise, please contact at henry [at]

Layout and POS design

Many of you have tried this before - designing your own first event flyer. Or perhaps already struggeling with the 5th.. Without some good and expensive software it's sometimes hard. Nevertheless it may not ever have a good professional look if you lack someone with a good eye. Shoot me an email and i'll help you out. There is always an agreement point.

Product design

The 'Feel the Music' chairs equipped with wireless sound and lower back bass vibration for Telia/Spotify.
Idea, design and prototype: Henry Mang and MNG Company

Ever felt that some ideas just HAVE TO come to life? I agree. And i also belive in higher counsciousness and collective mind. So you might already heard my idea in 90's that turning lights should be on the mirrors - the only possible and logical outreaching limb. Yes, some of the greatest car designers finally downloaded it from there ten years later. So if you have some brilliant idea sketched on the napkin i will help you with technical drawings. Or even with manufacturing the proto.

Some prototypes: Phone charging station, recycling tubes, POS for wireless signal to TV. Design and prototype: Henry Mang.

New logo or rebranding?

Most people that have contacted me about making the logo have usually some idea or even scetched one using paint or word. Yes, i have to start from scratch. It does'nt really matter do you have something that needs facelift or are you coming empty-handed - the only way is forward. Tabula rasa is just more creative background.

Cover your book or cd

Four sides plastic-free CD cover: design and product.

Good music you always recognise. You know that grand feeling when the rhytms or vocals just touch you deeply. And if that well designed cover would support this? Yes, it could be done by professionals. Having over twenty years of experience in the field of layout design and more than ten in printing industry with all those strange words like dpi and bleed and vector and ... Yeah, it can be done.

Product labels needed!

Product label examples: transparent label for organic farm eggbox and jar label with tear-open option.

Do you have some delicious new product you want to bring to the shelves to local shops? Well just do it! Yes that label .. No the black-and-white version from your laser printer that you designed in word does not cover that. If you feel your product is professional enough for someone to buy then have a label with the level of quality that supports that idea.