who is he?


Although being openly creative for clients ideas and needs, Henry has developed a rather roundish and clean signature in his work, which is influenced strongly by ancient sacred geometry, the aestethic Victorian and new Aquarian age.


Having the experince over three decades and impact from both centuries, Henry has realistic view and at the same time romantic touch in his work. Discover the difference that experience and artistic passion can make.


It is a vantage to have a precise eye for print colors and depths of shadows. Having long time experince in photographic print and commercial wide format print industry, Henry can surely accentuate the essential.


As a trainer, Henry considers himself more a person who shares his experience, ideas and visions. He tries not to be locked with dogmatic directions but likes to experiment with old and new visions, that can open up people.

man of many talents


Having passion for great quality coffee for many decades and working closely with the community of baristas and coffee roasters Henry has developed his own unique skill to make every specialty coffee cup taste like magic.


Henry is definately a full-hearted explorer trying to understand the history and the local culture influenced by it. Check out previous travels or keep up with upcoming destinations and see where you can contribute.


You can experience your spirits full potential as an human being by taking care of your body and soul. He is also known as a Yoga instructor and as a Meditative Healer.


Masterclass: sharing is caring

If you feel that you would need some support for making more personality-speaking portraits, tips to make more aesthetic group photos, making deeper story telling nature or architecture photos or making that perfect and heartful wedding album coverage - don't hesitate to contact and ask.

Masterclass is personale approach to you if you feel the need to go deeper with photography or are close to burnout in that field. Even if you need some supportive kick to go to the qualifying examination.